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Junior Aviators – Term Break Madness

Only a few weeks to go before the first term break – do you hear the collective moan of parents everywhere wondering how to keep the kids happy over the holidays?
We do and we feel your pain, so much so, we have the perfect solution for at least one of your many days to fill.
Our Junior Aviator Program is sure to thrill your kids and will keep them on a high for days afterwards.

Once your kids have outgrown playdates at the park or the pool, holidays can be challenging (to put it mildly). Art classes and sporty day camps are bountiful; but also ultimately all the same.
So, if you are looking for something completely different, checking out Pterodactyl Helicopters’ program for junior aviators is a must indeed.
Our Junior Aviator Program is targeted at kids aged 10 to 15 and offers them the chance to really experience all aspects of the helicopter charter business.

Pterodactyl Helicopters takes the youngsters off your hands for a full day of high-flying fun (sensibly priced at $275) – all you need to do is drop them off at our Lake Manchester hangar at 7.30 am and return to collect them around 4.30 pm (pick up times will vary depending on the day’s activities). Lunch and beverages will be supplied (as will team T-shirts and caps), so our junior crew won’t be weighed down with the usual luggage required for a day away.

Our Junior Aviator Program is a crash course in all the aspects of our business.
Our junior crew start the day by getting their hands dirty with ground crew duties:  from the daily routine maintenance on the aircraft to moving our helicopter from the hangar to the helipad. Paperwork, such as checking out the weather and the notices to airmen, planning the routes for the flights booked on any given day, is also part of the experience.
Once our young assistants have had a full safety brief and have assisted our real-life ground crew to load up our utes, it is time for the first flight of the day – from our home base to our base of operations for the day (which varies depending on our bookings).

Back on the ground, Pterodactyl Helicopters will keep the kids busy helping handle our passengers, filling in all paperwork required and making sure operations run smoothly – and, best of all, whenever there is a spare seat on the chopper, a Junior Aviator can come along for the joy flight.

At the end of the day, our Junior Aviators are flown back to Lake Manchester, where they will assist in putting the helicopter ‘to sleep’ for the night and getting everything ready for the next day.
Pterodactyl Helicopters’ experienced ground crew and airmen solemnly swear to show your kids an excellent time while they’re in our care – but be warned, once a junior aviator, always a junior aviator; our program has proven to be a seriously addictive experience.
This holiday, prove yourself the coolest parent alive and contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today to book your kids in for the best day of all time.