Junior Aviator Program

Junior Aviator Program

Junior Aviator Program

This flight program is for kids who have a passion for aircraft, helicopters, and flying and would like to get some hands-on experience with helicopters (and quite a bit of flying).

We will supply lunch and drinks for the day and the cost per child is only $275. We need to have you (the junior aviator) at our Lake Manchester Hanger at 7:30 AM and you get to spend the day with the Pterodactyl team doing helicopter joy flights.

We run this program in accordance with a Joy Flight event. We can do other dates however, this will incur a higher cost. Call for details.

This is what you will be doing for the day:

Firstly you get your Pterodactyl Helicopters shirt and cap, so you look the part of the helicopter ground crew. The first part of the day is then spent doing the ground helicopter crew stuff. We start by doing the daily inspection of the helicopter, fuel up and sign off the maintenance release. We then get the weather and current NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) for the area we plan on flying the helicopter into. Then push the helicopter out of the flight hanger to the PAD. We then load the ute with the helicopter site support equipment and send the ground crew to the Joy Flight HLS (Helicopter Landing Site).

While the ground crew is traveling to the helicopter landing site, we run through all the safety aspects of working with and around helicopters. You will then learn how to give a helicopter passenger safety brief.

It’s now time to load up the chopper and get underway. You get to fly with the helicopter pilot to the helicopter landing site. This takes between 15-20 mins depending on where we are operating the helicopter from on that particular day.

Once we land at the helicopter landing site, you will be taken through some ground training, showing you how to set up the safety areas around the helicopter. You will locate the wind sock and learn how to use the radio. Unfortunately, we can’t let you talk on the radio as you need a Flight Radio Operators license to do that. You will be working with the helicopter loadmaster to learn how to load and unload passengers to and from the helicopter and give the safety brief. We will also take you through the helicopter refueling process and how to take water samples. You will not, however, be doing the actual refueling. You will also learn about passenger forms and helicopter flight manifests.

During the day as we run joy flights. If there are any spare seats and you are within weight parameters for the flight, you get to go for a helicopter ride.

At the end of the flying day, we pack up the helicopter site send the ground crew home in the ute – you get to ride home with the helicopter pilot in the helicopter.

Once back at the hanger we then shut down and push the helicopter back to bed in the hanger. The work, however, is not over yet. We still have to write up the day’s hours, fill out our flight log books for the aircraft and pilots and update the maintenance schedule board. You will then be presented with your ‘Pterodactyl Helicopters Junior Aviators Certificate’.

It’s a big day but heaps of fun and you get to go on heaps of helicopter rides.

You will need to book, as we only take one Junior Aviator on any single day. We encourage you to bring your parents along as there is plenty for them to do on the day depending on where we are operating. Parents will, however, have to make their own way from the Hanger to the helicopter landing site and back.

Due to the possibility of risks, greater than those encountered in normal life, in aspects of what we do, this program is specifically for able-bodied children with no physical or mental disabilities. You also need to be between the ages of 10 and 15 years. If a child falls outside these criteria we will evaluate each candidate on their merits for suitability, what can and can’t be done and cost.

To book this great kids activity call (07) 3201 0005 or 0417 727 532, or send us an online enquiry, and ask our staff about the Junior Aviator helicopter program.