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Picnic on a secluded beach on the northern end of Moreton Island.

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Soulfood and Solitude

Could there possibly be anything more romantic that being abandoned on a beautiful, secluded, completely empty beach with the one you love? No one around for miles and miles and nothing to do but be together…swoon alert, possibly even cherry red swoon alert. That said, Pterodactyl Helicopters have worked out something just a tiny bit better than waiting for either a passing ship or a slow death – because really, once the thrill of danger wears off, mortal peril is no longer a turn on.
Our Island Getaway package takes all the best parts of being marooned and adds some convenient luxury, such as picnic baskets and private helicopter transport.
Presto – perfection!

If you want to whisk your boy or girl Friday away on an adventure they won’t soon forget, the Island Getaway can’t be beat. You’ll get all the delights of being solo – certain special someone excepted, of course – on one of Australia’s most glorious beaches, Stradbroke Island, to be precise; but Pterodactyl’s dedicated team will turn your Robinson Crusoe into Robinso Cruisy, as we take care of all the little details that make a day out truly special.

The Island Getaway gives you three hours to eat, drink and explore your private picnic spot; whether you’d prefer a breakfast on the beach or feel more like a picnic lunch is entirely up to you. In fact, this whole experience is about taking it easy and letting us do all the work.
Depending on what is most convenient for you, you can board your private aircraft at our Lake Manchester Hangar, the Ipswich Helipad or the Archerfield Aerodrome; or, if you feel like a being a little extra-extra-extravagant, we can even pick you up straight from home. Yes, in a helicopter. Provided you have sufficient landing space.

Pterodactyl Helicopters will provide you with a gourmet picnic, a bottle of wine included (naturally!), and a souvenir hamper that will come in handy for all your future picnic adventures.
We will get you in the mood by taking you the scenic route to Stradbroke Island, setting your hearts aflutter with some of the most spectacular vista’s the great South-East has to offer; leave you to love it up to your hearts content; and finally, fly you home over the sprawling Brisbane outskirts, giving you one last taste of being above it all…even if it’s only for a little while.

If you want to have a spectacular picnic but don’t feel like cooking and hunting for hours for a suitable carpark before hiking with your meal to a spot you presumed would be private, that turns out to be rammed with canoodling teenagers; contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and treat yourself to the ultimate picnic experience. We guarantee you’ll be all by yourself and there won’t be a vegemite sandwich in sight.

My Flying Valentine

True, there is a whole month to go until it’s time to break out the roses; but being prepared never hurt anyone – especially when it comes to making a big romantic gesture.
If you plan on making this Valentine’s Day a legendary success but are not quite sure how to go about it, consider some of these romantic outings – proudly brought to you by Pterodactyl Helicopters.

Gourmet Picnics
The humble picnic has long been a staple component of the wooing process, which is really not at all surprising.
There is something magical about spending time in nature with that special someone, enjoying tasty treats and one another’s company without distraction. However, the world is hectic and there are less and less truly private picnic locations to be found.
Cue Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Gourmet Picnic package.
We will not only fly you to a glorious picnic location (our current hot favourites are Woodlands of Marburg and Spicer’s Hidden Vale…unless you would like to sign up for our mystery riverside location and add an element of surprise), we will also provide you with a picnic hamper and a bottle of wine – so all you have to do is show up and be thrilled.
If you really want to make an impression, we can even collect you and your date from home – yes, in your private helicopter – provided there is suitable landing space.

Fly In/Drive Out Country Escapes
If you have a little time on your hands and feel like a mini-break is long overdue for you and your special someone, this charming package is definitely worth considering.
Pterodactyl Helicopter’s Country Escap
es give you a chance to explore the great South-East at your leisure and with ultimate convenience.
Naturally, we will fly you in your chartered chopper to a scenic destination of your choice – our most popular night-away spots include Scenic Rim View Cottages, Stockton Rise Country Retreat, Bunyip Cottages, Branell Homestead and many more – making sure to take the long way so you get to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty our region has to offer.
However, we understand that once you have arrived, you may need your own transport to go exploring; so we will make sure your car gets there when you do.
There are two options available: Either one of Pterodactyl Helicopters’ dedicated staff will drive your car to your holiday destination for you (no extra charge, of course) OR you can get a friend to deliver the vehicle and we will fly him back home (making you the coolest friend of all time).
Our Country Escapes package also includes a three course gourmet dinner and a full breakfast, overnight accommodation and a complementary welcome treat of cheese and sparkling wine.

If you would like to go beyond the charming but ultimately pedestrian fare of chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and get your romantic ducks in a row – we guarantee you love will be in the air, literally.

Your Last Minute Valentines Gift for 2018

Yes, that’s right; Valentines Day for 2018 is upon us.

Whether you’re a Valentines Day grinch or a romantic at heart, there’s no better time of year to show your significant other how much you love them than February 14th.

You could go the predictable route of flowers, chocolate, wine and your seven-hundredth viewing of Love Actually. Yawn.

Or, you could get your 2018 valentine something they will really enjoy, and talk about for years to come. We’ve got your back; at Pterodactyl Helicopters, we make it really easy to wow your loved one.

Ready to earn those Brownie points?

Pterodactyl Helicopters can arrange romantic helicopter flights to suit all personalities and budgets, and will take care of every last detail from take off to landing to ensure that you and your special someone can just cosy up and watch the world unfold beneath your feet.


Your 2018 Valentines Day Gift Guide; Pterodactyl Helicopters style.

There are so many romantic Valentine’s Day flights and getaways to choose from – take your pick!

  • February brings with it some spectacular evening skies! Surprise your better half with a gorgeous sunset helicopter tour.
    Includes limousine transfers to the helipad and back to the Metro Hotel, plus dinner, bed and breakfast.
  • Propose to the love of your life during your helicopter flight to your secluded island getaway.
    Includes return scenic helicopter flight to beautiful Moreton Island, gourmet picnic lunch (or breakfast) and wine, and souvenir deluxe picnic hamper (plus the added bonus of simply flying off if they say no).
  • Fly to a holiday retreat of your choice, stay the weekend and drive out whenever you’re ready on a Fly in / Drive out Country Escape.
    Includes helicopter flight to your choice of venue, sparkling wine and cheese on arrival, overnight accommodation, three course dinner, full breakfast, and transfer of your vehicle to the venue.
  • Spice up your love life with an indulgent Country Wine Tour by Helicopter.
    Includes transfer by limousine, helicopter flights to three of Queensland’s finest wineries, and lunch at an 18th Century mansion.
  • Or, if you are reading this at 11:59pm on February 13th, take the Oops I Forgot About Valentines Day option, and buy a romantic helicopter tour voucher in our online shop.

Whatever you choose to do for Valentines Day this year, we hope that it’s special – and we would love to be part of making it so. We have listed a number of our package helicopter tours above but there are no limits to what we can arrange to take the stress of finding the perfect Valentines Day gift off your shoulders.
Give us a call on 07 3201 0005, or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to help.