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Rev It Up with Pterodactyl Helicopters

Are you craving adventure but don’t quite know where to start? Don’t feel bad, it’s a common condition – and, lucky for you, Pterodactyl Helicopters has the perfect cure for that particular ailment.
If you feel like you could do with some high-powered fun to shake out the cobwebs, so to speak, you might want to check out our Adrenalin Experiences aka the ultimate thrill seekers’ treat.

Let’s play that game, you know the one: Would you rather…fly in a helicopter or ride shotgun in a V8 racer?
Tough call, we know, which is why Pterodactyl Helicopters has decided that – just this once – it’s totally okay to cheat. So don’t choose, there is no need; you can have both in one neat package.
We proudly present to you: the Helicopter V8 Experience.
This action-packed day out includes a thrilling helicopter ride from our Lake Manchester hangar straight to one of Queensland’s finest race tracks, where we will suit you up, strap you in and send you out on the laps of a lifetime with our tame racing driver (no, not the Stig…but close).
This is the perfect outing for anyone with the need for speed – and the absolutely best gift ever if you have a lovely rev-head friend, you can even go along for the helicopter ride with them and watch the look on their faces first hand when they emerge from the V8. Priceless stuff, indeed.

On the off chance that flying high and racing hard is not quite enough adventure for one day, allow us to up the ante.
Instead of the ‘plain old’ Helicopter V8 Experience, try this one on for size: the Helicopter V8 Warbird Experience.
Now, the part about helicoptering to the race track and taking a few outrageous laps remains the same (because why should one change such a winning formula) BUT this package comes with the added bonus of simulated aerial combat.
Yes, you read correctly.
You and a mate each get your own YAK 52 (and a pilot obviously) and set off on a truly insane aviation experience as you reenact some of the most iconic airborne battle moves, pioneered and made famous by the high-flying skirmishes between  the American Kittyhawk and Japan’s Zero fighter planes. We are talking dives, vertical climbs, chases and even some smoke thrown in when a hit is scored.
In short, you get to be part of a dogfight in the air that’s at times spookily realistic – and terminally thrilling at all times.

If you want to get your heart-rate up this autumn, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and book yourself and a friend in for the best day ever – we look forward to terrifying you soon.

Miss the EKKA already? Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Pterodactyl Helicopters!

Attention all thrill seekers! Yes, the twisting, turning and head-spinning attractions of the Brisbane show might be on their way back into the shed but that does not mean you have to wait another year to get your kicks. In fact, Pterodactyl Helicopters’ aptly named ‘Adrenalin Experiences’ can provide you with a wild ride that will make any fairground attraction blush with shame.
So, if you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience to get that rush you love – Pterodactyl Helicopters has sourced the grandest sites of adventure around Brisbane, Ipswich, the Scenic Rim, Sommerset and Lockyer Valley.

Helicopter V8 Experience

This piston-pumping package is the perfect outing for racing enthusiasts, who don’t mind arriving rock star style. Flying directly from Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Lake Manchester hangar, you will be delivered to the infamous Queensland Raceway to burn some rubber with our licensed driver on the V8 track.

Whether you bring along a fellow racing enthusiast to share the experience or fly in your observer as an entourage to witness your awesomeness, the Helicopter V8 experience is guaranteed to knock your socks right off.

Helicopter V8 Warbird Experience

What could be more awesome than being flown by your private, state of the art helicopter to take in some laps on one of Queensland’s most iconic racetracks? I know what you’re thinking. Surely nothing could beat that?
Think again!
Pterodactyl Helicopters has concocted the ultimate thrill potion – the recipe for adventure of such epic proportions you’re sure to remember it forever.
In addition to the ‘regular’ Helicopter V8 experience, you and a friend will participate in simulated air combat.
Yes, you read correctly. You and a mate, both in YAK52s, facing off in the sky!
The air battle simulation involves aerobatics, flying in formation…the lot.
And then you get to ride along in a V8.
Just as the cherry on your adrenalin sundae.

The Ultimate Aviation Experience

At Pterodactyl Helicopters we understand that not everyone is into V8s – we get it. So for the adrenalin junkies who would like to treat themselves to a day of adventure set purely in the air, the Ultimate Aviation Experience is just the ticket.
This package pairs the simulated air battle, re-enacting air combat between the American P40 Kittyhawk and the Japanese Zero fighter planes with a grand finale: a tandem parachute jump at Ripcord Skydivers!

Spend a day experiencing all the extremes aviation has to offer; from your leisurely transit in your private helicopter (or not so leisurely, if you fancy some low flying…), to a real-life dogfight in the sky, to a leap into the great blue yonder!

These are just a few of the intense experiences at your fingertips when you choose Pterodactyl Helicopters as your partners in adventure. Check out our rates and full range of Adrenalin Experiences and get ready to rumble – because when it comes to high flying thrills only the real thing will do.