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Let Us Entertain You!

So, you have been tasked with organising a big and rather important group event, have you? It’s rough. Let your guard down for a minute and the next thing you know you are responsible for shouting up to 50 people a good time.
If you know it’s time to do something different, feel the need to blow everyone’s expectations out of the water – yet have absolutely no idea what shape all this excellence should take, fear not.
Fear NOT, we say, for Pterodactyl Helicopters is swooping in once more to safe the day with our tours for groups and conferences.

When you choose Pterodactyl Helicopters as your chief amusement supplier (yes, that is the technical term, thank you) you can truly kick back and relax as we take care of everything.
You need accommodation arranged in a beautiful yet convenient location? We’ve got you covered.
You are looking for a range of thrilling activities for your group to partake in? Not a problem.
You would like your group to wine and dine on locally farmed and produced delicacies? So do we.
You feel as though a your day out needs a bit extra oomph, like a lap in a V8 car? We can do that.
You think no day is complete without a joy flight in a chopper? Guess what – we agree. Wholeheartedly.

Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Group and Conference Tours extend far beyond our specialty of helicopter flight. Over the years we’ve amassed a huge variety of partner businesses – and you are now free to choose amongst their exciting offers to put together the perfect group experience.
Whether you are looking to boost morale at the office, want to host a family reunion to go down in the history books, or wish to throw your favourite child the best 21st birthday of all time – we will help you put together the perfect package.

We know many businesses claim to have the elusive “something for everyone” but Pterodactyl Helicopters actually does:
Our partner products include days out in country pubs, stretch limousines for stylish transport closer to the ground, drayhorse shires, the Story Bridge Climb, breweries in the Outback…the list goes on an on.
Depending on your numbers and your timeframe, we will create a personalised itinerary, making sure that every moment of your special day is a highlight in itself.

Our Group and Conference Packages all include full return transport from your destination of choice, so there is no need to draw straws to determine the unlucky designated driver. Once Pterodactyl Helicopters take over, there is nothing left to do than let yourself be swept up in the excitement of it all and have a grand time. Plus, you will be forever known as the legend who organised the best get together in living memory…the credit, we promise, will be all yours.

If you are ready to get planning and make a big impression with your next big social or work event, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today. We look forward to entertaining you soon.