Helicopter Joy Flights

Helicopter Joy Flights

Scenic Flights

If you just want a taste of what it’s like to fly in a helicopter then one of our scenic joy flights is perfect for you. You’ll usually find us at various regional shows, festivals and events in southeast Queensland. These flight are usually 5 mins a perfect time to give you a feel for flying while keeping the costs to a minimum.

To check out where we’ll be next, follow us on Facebook, call us to organise to do it from our Lake Manchester hangar.

If taken from the Lake Manchester hangar, we do a short low level run around Sapling Pocket and return to the pad over the dam wall. Pretty cool and all in 5 minutes.

We can even organise joy flights at your own event. We require minimum numbers and this varies depending on how far your event is from the base. Just call us and we will work out a price you would be surprised how inexpensive this can be.


Flights require a minimum of 2 passenger per flight.

What people have to say about the

Helicopter Joy Flights

Hello Captain Mike

Thank you for your email but I'm not on social media, so I'm unable to comment there for you.

You are okay to use any comments from this email if it would help.

Yes, we all enjoyed the flights at Allora.

Our grandchildren hope you are on the Allora Show and will go another ride. This was the first flight they have ever been on.

Our eldest grandson Lincoln was very very apprehensive and was made feel at ease by, I think his name was Paul.

We all come off the flight smiling as I noticed everyone else did as well.

kind regards

Beth Murphy

- Beth MurphyAllora

Flew in 2019.