Low Level Helicopter Adventure

Low Level Helicopter Adventure

Adrenalin Experiences

Want to feel the rush of a low level helicopter flight?

Follow the Brisbane River at low level, then pump up the adrenaline with some tight turns. As this one is for the thrill seekers we only take two passengers at a time on this adventure.

The helicopter flight to Fernvale takes about 25 mins, to Wivenhoe around 50 mins.

We only take two passengers on this helicopter flight as we fly at low-level most of the way.

River run Fernvale (from our Archerfield Airport base)$795
River run Wivenhoe (from our Archerfield Airport base)$1140

Pricing is per flight for up to 2 people from our Archerfield Airport base.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include all relevant taxes.

Our R44 helicopter seats 3 passengers per flight. However for this flight we only carry 2 passengers. Each passenger seat is designed for a maximum weight of 136kg and a total passenger load of approximately 240kg (subject to weight and balance).