The Flying Food Safari

The Flying Food Safari

Beer, Wine, FoodFor Someone Special

Food, wine, beer the staple of Australian life. Being able to put the right beverage with a particular meal is a fine art and when you get it right it’s simply magic.  In this region we are not starved for choice when it comes to great food, interesting wines and out of the ordinary beers.

Now imagine if you could sample a range of different food experiences, expertly matched with the right wine or beer all in one day! To top it off, everything is produced locally from local farms, boutique wineries and breweries. These interesting places are spread out, so using traditional transport would limit you to only one or two. How cool would it be to do five or six in the same day?

Impossible by car, but not by helicopter.

Join us on our flying feast!

Each location is special and the trip between venues features views of undulating plains, lakes and the beautiful mountains of the greater Brisbane region.

Total Cost A$2690 for 2 people.

Includes: Pick up by car within 10 km of the Ipswich CBD (other pickup locations p.o.a.)
All flights: All food courses with matching drink at each location.

We can even pick you up from your house in the helicopter if the site is suitable. Just ask and we will check it for suitability and price it out for you.

If you would like to extend experience to the next day why not call us to arrange overnight accommodation with dinner and breakfast. Its all part of the service.

All Prices are in Australian Dollars and include all relevant taxes.

Pricing is per person. We require a minimum of 2 passengers per flight.

Our R44 helicopter seats 3 passengers per flight. Each passenger seat is designed for a maximum weight of 136kg and a total passenger load of approximately 240kg (subject to weight and balance).