Air work

Air work

General aviation

Pterodactyl Helicopters specialises in a variety of helicopter aerial work services in and around southeast Queensland.

Aerial photography for real estate :

Helicopters are an ideal platform to take an elevated photograph of any property, to enhance your real estate sales. A single aerial shot tells so much more about a property than several photos taken at street level.

We can provide a very cost-effective aerial photography service for you and your clients.

I know that ‘Google Earth’ can produce good quality vertical down shots; however these are generally way out of date, and may not show the property in its best light. As an example, shots of our house were taken when Queensland was in full drought so everything is very brown, but now everything in the valley in green and beautiful. The only way to capture the property in its best light is to take a current shot. Our photos are taken from a height of around 150 meters above ground at an angle onto the property, which provides a much better view of what you are selling, and, we can get it from all sides.

We can take your photographer to do the job, or you can use ours. We can do the whole thing for you including photo mark-ups showing property boundary and street names, to your specifications. All shots can be supplied on CD if required. Just supply us with the RP data link from the real estate web site and we can do the rest.

Aerial filming and aerial photography

Helicopters are ideal for aerial filming and photography. Helicopters enable better views of a site, particularly as doors can be removed to provide an unobstructed view. Helicopters can get in close to a site and orbit or hover as directed. Specialised helicopter aerial filming and photography operations are restricted to essential crew only and additional passengers are not able to be carried. With our Bell 47 helicopter, all filming and photography is done with handheld cameras. You can supply the operator or give us the location and what shots you require and we will do the rest.

These jobs are quoted on a case by case basis and are costed based on helicopter flight time from our base at Lake Manchester, or Boonah.

Helicopter site inspections

Often companies in real estate and property development, require site inspections to be carried out with their staff or clients. Helicopters can carry out site inspections quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity. Helicopters are able to land at any site which is considered safe and the landowner’s permission is granted.

These jobs are quoted on a case by case basis and are costed based on flight time from our base at Lake Manchester or Boonah.

All Aerial work is subject to weather conditions.

Our experienced staff will assist you with any enquiry – call us on 07 3201 0005 or 0417 727 532, or send us an online enquiry for a quote.

I have flown with Pterodactyl at least 6 times and the whole team are professional, friendly and most important of all, fun. Love your work Team Pterodactyl.

- Nadine Andersen Photography Dayboro