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It’s a Nice Day for a Flight Wedding

You’re taking the plunge this summer? How EXCITING!
We all want our wedding to be just right, don’t we? From selecting the dress to designing the perfect cake to putting together the ultimate playlist – there are so many details to fine tune to make your wedding day the stuff of legend.

So. Have you thought about transport yet?
If not, Pterodactyl Helicopters Wedding Transfer package might be just what you were looking for to make a grand entrance worthy of the big day.


Arriving at your wedding in style is traditionally important. Horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars, white steeds, elephants…well, maybe not so many elephants…regardless, the arrival at the wedding venue (be it a church, a golf course or a beach) sets the tone for the celebration.
As you can imagine, arriving in a chartered helicopter sets a pretty awesome tone.


Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Wedding Transfers give you the opportunity to make an epic entrance at your wedding. Stun your guests as you emerge in all your to-be-wed splendour from a state of the art chopper – and make yourself feel like a rock star on your special day. We assure you, our team specialises in making you feel like royalty.


With Pterodactyl Helicopters getting to the helipad is half the fun on your wedding day. We will come and collect you and your arrival party by limousine and chauffeur you to the nearest helipad in style, including sparkling beverages and plenty of photo opportunities.
And no, you don’t have to worry about the rotor blades messing up your wedding hair – because although it seems unlikely, we at Pterodactyl are sensitive souls who understand a woman’s need to be immaculate as a bride. In order to keep you looking glorious, we won’t start your private chopper up until you and your party are safely inside and we won’t let you back out at your destination until the coast is clear. Also, we will of course let you pose for photos in front of your aerial wedding carriage to your heart’s content.


Now, would you like to hear the best part about our Wedding Transfers? Yes, hard to believe that there could be anything to top being flown to your own wedding; however, what make Pterodactyl Helicopters’ aerial wedding transfers truly special is our bad weather contingency plan.
While we sincerely hope that your wedding day will be bathed in beautiful, bright sunshine, there is no way to guarantee this, considering how temperamental Queensland weather can be. As we don’t want you to worry about transport alternatives, costs and deposits on your wedding day, Pterodactyl Helicopters guarantees you a full limousine transport package for you and your bridal party if we are unable to fly you there. You’re helicopter transfer deposit is sure to cover the cost of the limousine, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and will still arrive in style.


So, if you want to inject a little spy/movie star glamour into your wedding day, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and let us tick another box on your list of wedding preparations.


Stuff your Stocking with Adventure this Christmas!

 Christmas is advancing with giant strides – and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’re ahead of the gift-game AND guaranteed to amaze your loved ones. Whether you’ve got a whole family of adventurers to thrill or want to give your bestie a present to remember, Pterodactyl Helicopters have you covered.


May I have this Sky Dance? – Why, of course, you may!

Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Sky Dance Tours are the perfect gift for the nature loving aerial enthusiast. There are a great many adventure options and one of them is bound to suit the lucky recipient of your Christmas goodwill.

Sky Dance takes you into the heart of Australia’s Green Cauldron, the stunning and somewhat untamed wild of Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

For those who simply want to feast their eyes on the outstanding natural beauty of the region Pterodactyl offers a range of Scenic Flights, covering national treasures like the Glasshouse Mountains, Borders’ Range and Mount Warning.

However, if you would prefer a more hands-on approach we urge you to check out our Airborne Adventures. Always dreamed of exiting a small plane 007-style? Our Gold Coast Sky Dive package is just the thing. Love hiking? Our Hike-Climb-Fly excursion will take you deep into the lush hinterland, where you can scale mountains to your heart (and skill level’s) content.


All I want for Christmas is an Absolute Blast!

Do you have an adrenaline junky close to your heart and no idea what to put under the tree for them? How about one of Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Air and Land Adventures?
Whether you are a purely aerial daredevil or a rev-head to boot – we have the package to suit the mood.

Helicopter V8 Experience – fly a mate, your wife or your grandparent to one of Southeast Queensland most notorious raceways in a chartered helicopter and treat them to a spin in a V8-supercar with our own tame racing driver.

Helicopter Fast-track Drag Racing Experience – be flown directly to the strip to get the thrill of a lifetime in a purpose built 3-seater Rail Dragster! Ever wondered what 0-100kmh in under two seconds feels like? This Christmas you just might?

Helicopter V8 Warbird Experience – this is simply the most outrageous day out any thrill seeker can imagine. Travel like a boss in your own private chopper not only to the racetrack but also to the airfield – where you will proceed to participate in simulated air combat. That’s right. You and a friend will face off in YAK52’s at top speeds, including aerial acrobatics, smoke – the works.


The above are only a small glimpse at the treats available when you book your helicopter experience with Pterodactyl Helicopters. We have romantic outings, golf tours, food safaris…the list goes on. If you think that a day in the skies (with a little extra excellence for good measure) is just the present your loved ones deserve this Christmas, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and make sure this year the yuletide spirit is going to be off the charts.

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Make an Entrance with Pterodactyl Helicopters!

What do weddings, music festivals, race days and weekends away have in common? They’re all more fun if you arrive by helicopter! If you are planning to attend…anything, really…in greater South-East Queensland in the immediate future, why not consider an alternative, epically awesome mode of transport? Pterodactyl Helicopters offer aerial transport to a wide range of locations – making sure you arrive in style and get to be the star of the show.


If you are looking for a helicopter charter to deliver you (and others, if you feel so inclined) to an exciting event, look no further than Pterodactyl Helicopters. Whether you want to stun your wedding guests with a James Bond style arrival at your venue, surprise someone special by whisking them away on a long weekend in the most spectacular way, or just want to bypass pesky traffic en route to an outdoor concert – chartering a private helicopter is bound to take whatever you’re planning into the next league.


Pterodactyl Helicopters’ aerial transfer options are second to none when it comes to being flexible in catering to your individual needs. Simply give us a call to discuss your helicoptering fantasy and you will be amazed by our team’s willingness to fulfil your every desire. With enough notice, we can accommodate large numbers of passengers, source the best landing patches closest to your destination of choice (often quite literally a stone’s throw away) and even accommodate substantial cargo (in case you feel delivering a gift via helicopter transfer might add a certain something).


If you don’t wish to make your way to one of our helipads, we can most likely collect you and save you extra travel time. Pterodactyl Helicopters offers airport transfers, can execute pick-ups from a number of Brisbane Hotels (yes, we’re talking about getting in a helicopter on your hotel’s roof – like a boss) and, providing the location is suitable, even get you straight from home. The cost of transfer does vary depending on your preferred mode of operation, but you will be astounded by how affordable private helicopter transport can be.


So, whether you are looking for VIP transfers, freight transfers, custom charter or transfer to a major event – Pterodactyl Helicopters will work with you to find the perfect solution. Contact our friendly team today and get planning; the chance to travel like a superstar is only a phone call away. Don’t just go there this time – really go there!

Give your Next Social Event Wings with Pterodactyl Helicopters!

It is common knowledge that the Pterodactyl Helicopters Team can be found at many regional shows and event days – but were you aware that you can book one of our state of the art choppers as a special feature for events of your own?


Whether you are getting ready to host a corporate day out for your employees and their families, are planning a surprise birthday party with substantial numbers , or it is your turn to organise the next epic family reunion; there is no get together that can’t be enhanced by the presence of a helicopter. The pilots and ground crew at Pterodactyl Helicopters are old hands at running back-to-back joy flights at busy show grounds and will help make your day out a great experience for all involved.


Most outdoor locations – think golf courses, lake side meadows, wide open ranges all over South-East Queensland and even some parks in more urban settings – are perfectly suited to serving as our temporary helipad for the day. You simply determine where you would like to spend the day socialising, enjoying a beverage and take turns getting your kicks in your hired chopper.
Depending on what type of terrain we have to work with, our outstanding pilots are bound to cram as much action into a relatively short flight as humanly possible. Whether it be some low flying, light manoeuvres of giving you the best angles for viewing some spectacular scenery – once back on the ground our passengers can truly lay claim to having experienced the magic of helicopter flying at its finest.


Our Joy Flight choppers can take two passengers at a time, so you can share this special moment with your favourite co-worker, your favourite auntie or a random stranger you just met at the party – the experience is sure to deliver in any scenario. Let’s face it, being treated to a surprise spin (or two) in a private helicopter is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face – whether it serves to raise moral in the workplace or prove once and for all that your family really knows how to have a good time.


Hiring a helicopter for a private function may sound a little bit outrageous – which it is, in the best possible sense of the word – but we at Pterodactyl Helicopters believe it does not have to cost the world. We do require a minimum number of guests keen to go on a five-minute spin in a helicopter and our prices vary depending on how far your chosen party location is from our Lake Manchester hangar, but if you contact our friendly staff with a specific inquiry our competitive rates are sure to surprise you.
So, if you want to make sure your next do is the business, give us a call and secure a chartered helicopter for your event today!


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Superstar-style Mini-Break? Anyone?

Summer is approaching, so the time has come to get out of the city – even if it’s only for 48 hours. Just because your getaway from the daily drudge is a quickie, doesn’t meant it can’t be memorable after all. Pterodactyl Helicopters offers Fly In/ Drive Out Country Escapes that are simply ideal for a short holiday from the everyday. Let’s face it, there is no better way to start off your weekend away than a private helicopter transfer to the gorgeous South-East Queensland countryside. And best of all, you’ll still have your car on site to explore your destination at your leisure.


How does it work?

At Pterodactyl Helicopters we understand that while helicopters are the most spectacular mode of transport around, it is still handy to have a car when on vacation. And, yes, we know your car is unlikely to fit into our state of the art choppers.

You can get your car to the destination of your choice two ways: either we will drive it there for you or you can bribe a friend to do you this special favour – the bribe being a helicopter ride back home, trust us, this always works.

With your car safely on its way, we can provide you with pick-up from Brisbane Airport, City Hotels, Archerfield, the Ipswich CBD or our Lake Manchester hangar (that said, we are quite flexible and can probably work something out if you prefer a different pick-up location).

No matter where we collect you, once you are in the air, drinking in the scenery from the comfort of your private chartered helicopter, the great South-East is your oyster.


Where to go?

Pterodactyl Helicopters offers Fly In/Drive Out Country Escapes to

+ The Scenic Rim View Cottages, a truly idyllic destination for your romantic getaway

+Mount French Lodge – formerly known as the Bunyip Cottages – an outrageously gorgeous location now under new ownership and keen to show you that none of its charms have been lost

+Spicers Hidden Vale, the perfect place to unwind for the true nature lover, sporting paddock-to-plate gourmet dining and a broad range of nature exploration activities

+The Branell Homestead in the heart of the beautiful Lockyer Valley, simply ideal to take a deep breath and finally relax

+many other glorious destinations.


All our Country Escapes include a one-way transfer to your preferred getaway by helicopter, wine and cheese (or chocolate, if you must) on arrival, overnight accommodation, a three-course gourmet dinner and full breakfast and (optional) transport of your vehicle to your destination. We also provide you with detailed information about your location and plenty of suggestions on where to best explore during your stay.


Have we whet your appetite? Contact Pterodactyl Helicopters for pricing and availability and plan your luxury min-break today!

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Helicopter Kids! A highlight for the holidays

The school holidays are looming large and parents are scrambling to come up with day-filling activities to keep the kids entertained. At a loss what to do? We thought you might be. So, if your 10 to 15-year-old is mad about aviation (or even only mildly curious) why not check out Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Junior Aviator program? It’s sure to blow your kid’s mind and propel you instantly to coolest parent alive status.


What is this Junior Aviator Program?

In short, it is likely to be the best day a young flight enthusiast can imagine.

Specifically, Pterodactyl Helicopters’ will take your child under their wing and immerse them in a typical day at the helipad. Our junior aviators get first-hand experience in ground crew duties, the wrangling of helicopter passengers and – naturally – some quality time in the air.

We provide our Junior Aviators with lunch and drinks throughout the day, so no need to bring a thing.

And yes, there will be a cap and t-shirt.

Cost is $275 per child for the full day of aviation madness.


How is the day structured?

Our Junior Aviator Program starts early – which will save you from the continuous loop of “Is it time to go YET?” that is certain to begin at the crack of dawn – and we ask that you deliver your youngsters to our Lake Manchester hangar by 7.30 am. On average you won’t see them again til around 4 pm, though times can vary slightly depending on the flight activities of the day; so make some nice plans for your own day off.

Once on location, the children receive their cap and shirt and jump straight into their duties as trainee members of our ground crew. They will inspect and fuel a helicopter, check the weather and notices to airmen for the flight area of the day and then get the chopper from the hangar to the heli pad.

While our (non-junior) ground crew travels to our joy flight destination by ute, the kids will get a real taste of the many safety procedures we have to run before take-off, including how to give a safety brief to helicopter passengers.

Then – FINALLY – it’s time to load up and fly!

At the landing site, the Junior Aviators re-join the ground crew and get to spend the rest of the day getting into the nitty-gritty of working with chartered choppers. From re-fuelling (hands-off) and taking water samples (hands-on), to handling paperwork and interacting with passengers – our helicopter load master and experienced ground crew will make sure the kids get a go at everything – everything that doesn’t require a license, that is.

And, best of all, as we run our usual joy flights during the day, many of the young aviators will get to ride along in our helicopters as the weight and passenger limit permits.

At the end of the day our junior crew is flown back to Lake Manchester, where we will show them how to fill out the day’s paperwork, log the flight hours and bed down our choppers for the night.


If this day is just the ticket to put a smile on your kids’ faces this school holiday, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters and book them in for our Junior Aviation Program today.

Corporate events by helicopter

Another Day at the Office? Nah!

After a team building event that’s both engaging and rewarding? Be a hero and take your team to the skies on an amazing helicopter adventure that’s sure to break the ice and promote leadership and cooperation.

We customise the package to suit your business’ itinerary and needs and as with all of our helicopter tours and flights, there are no hidden costs – ever. We want everyone to be able to kick back and enjoy themselves on the big day.

Some example corporate activities your team could undertake include:

Helicopter Golf Tours

We’ll fly you to and from one of South Easy Queensland’s top golf courses! Prices include all flights, club hire and green fees. You can opt to include lunch, drinks, and golf cart hire. Read more about: Helicopter Golf Tours.

Helicopter Lunch Tour

We’ll take you to and from one of our favourite wineries or executive retreats for a sumptuous lunch. Includes all flights, a 3-course lunch, bottle of house wine per 2 people. Read more about: Helicopter Lunch Tours.

Country Pub crawl by Helicopter

Pterodactyl Helicopters will fly you by helicopter from each pub to the next so your team can pub crawl like rock-stars! Includes return helicopter flights, a beer (or drink) of your choice at each pub, and lunch. Read more about: Helicopter Pub Crawls.

Helicopter V8 hot laps

Fly by helicopter to Queensland Raceway for V8 laps with the team! Includes return flights and V8 hot laps with qualified and highly skilled racing drivers. Read more about: Helicopter V8 hot laps.

V8 Warbird Experience

Arrive at the Warbirds operation base by helicopter and then hang on while you fly in a simulated combat dogfight scenario in in 2 YAK52’s. If that wasn’t enough, take some V8 hot laps afterwards. Read more about: V8 Warbird Experience.

Customise your own helicopter team building day!

We can’t wait to hear your ideas, and to help make your team building day something incredible that everyone will be talking about around the office for years to come! Just contact us on 07 3201 0005 or send an online enquiry, and we’ll get right onto it!

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That Helicopter Flight you thought was out of reach? It’s within reach.

It’s true; most people see taking a helicopter flight as a luxury they cannot afford, be it a matter of finance or time. Joy flights are catalogued as something they might love to do as a special treat some day in the indeterminable future, should the helicopter gods permit it. Coupled with the uncertainties is the real possibility of experiencing vertigo, or a lingering fear of heights, or a want for leisure time that simply never presents itself as a whole day.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: Don’t Panic.

If you have been wanting to see your world from above, and simply haven’t found the funds or guts to do it yet, Pterodactyl Helicopters has the answer: Helicopter Joy Flights.

What’s a Helicopter Joy Flight then?

These (approximately) 5-minute helicopter flights, costing usually no more than $65 per person, are designed to give you a taste of the thrill of a helicopter ride while allowing you to test the waters and see if it’s an experience that you’re interested in repeating in the future.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Pterodactyl Scenic Helicopter Joy Flight locations for 2018

Pterodactyl Helicopters operates from both Brisbane and Sydney with a number of scenic joy flight options available. We set up the helicopter at a variety of local Brisbane and Ipswich shows and fetes throughout the year and you can simply turn up and book a flight at any of the following locations on the day:

Levuka 4×4 Park Helicopter Joy Flights – Easter

Joy flights at the Levuka 4×4 Park over the Easter weekend cost between $55-65 per flight. Book your joy flight online to make sure you don’t miss out!

Crows Nest Show Helicopter Joy Flights – May

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the Crows Nest Show today!

Dayboro Day Helicopter Joy Flights – Last Sunday in May

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for Dayboro Day today!

Ipswich Cup Helicopter Joy Flights – June

The Ipswich Cup is a special horse racing event in the local social calendar. You can be the envy of your friends as you arrive in style by helicopter. Book your Ipswich Cup Helicopter Transfer online to ensure your place! Flights start from $88 per person.

Toogoolawah Show Helicopter Joy Flights – June

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the Toogoolawah Show today!

EID Downunder Helicopter Joy Flights – July

Eid Down Under is a celebration of the Eid al Fitr festival in Brisbane, QLD. A key objective of Eid Down Under is to promote cohesion, acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity and its benefits across the entire community.
Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for EID Downunder today!

Dayboro Show Helicopter Joy Flights – July

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the Dayboro Show today!

Centenary Rocks Festival Helicopter Joy Flights – July

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the Centenary Rocks Festival today!

Woodhill BoxCars Helicopter Joy Flights – July

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the Woodhill BoxCars today!

V8 Supercars Ipswich Helicopter Joy Flights – July

Standard Pterodactyl Helicopters Joy Flight rates apply: Book a helicopter flight for the V8 Supercars Ipswich event today!

Leyburn Sprints Helicopter Joy Flights – August

Leyburn Sprints in the Southern Downs Region Queensland Australia celebrates the first Grand Prix ever held in Queensland in 1949. For two days each year the town closes down and classic cars race around the houses of Leyburn, a town of less then 200 houses.
Helicopter joy flights range from $50-70; book your Leyburn Sprints Helicopter Joy Flight online to ensure your place!

Levuka 4×4 Park Helicopter Joy Flights – October Long Weekend

Joy flights at the Levuka 4×4 Park over the long weekend in October cost between $55-65 per flight. Book your joy flight online to make sure you don’t miss out!

So, what are you waiting for?

Our experienced helicopter pilots are here to make you feel at ease, no matter the length of your scenic flight, and whether you take a full-scale helicopter wine tour or a 20 minute joy flight – when you fly with Pterodactyl Helicopters, you are treated like a celebrity.

Ready to take to the skies? You can buy a Helicopter Joy Flight gift voucher for 2 people in our online shop to secure your place, or you can phone us on (07) 3201 0005 or contact us online, and ask where we’re flying this weekend.