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Glamorous Getaway Ahead

When was the last time you treated your special someone and yourself to some quality one-on-one time? And now, Netflix and chill does not count. We are talking about time spent with each other, away from the everyday drudgery, indulging in something…well…new and exciting. Together.
If the honest answer is something along the lines of “I don’t recall” never fear; firstly, you’re not alone, because finding the time to organize and execute even the shortest mini-break can be really, really hard – and secondly, Pterodactyl Helicopters has just the overnight getaway package you are looking for.

The genius switch is never off in our entertainment headquarters, true, but that does not mean we cannot outdo ourselves once in a while.
Our Fly In/Drive Out Country Escapes are one excellent example of what happens when all the right ingredients come together to create one outrageously amazing recipe for success.
Here’s how it works:

First, you and your beloved choose one of our partner retreats…yes, this is the hard part. We are currently offering getaways to Scenic Rim View Cottages, Spicers Peak Lodge, Branell Homestead, Woodlands of Marburg, Bunyip Cottages, Stockton Rise Country Retreat and Spicers Hidden Vale. All of our select destinations offer luxurious accommodation in a beautiful setting; so if you can’t decide, feel free to solve the matter by tossing a coin. With Pterodactyl Helicopters’ options, you can’t lose either way.
Once the tricky bit is out of the way, all you need to do is choose dates that suit you and get ready for the time of your life.

The Fly In/ Drive Out experience begins with a scenic flight from your nominated pick-up location (Brisbane Airport, City Hotels, Archerfield, Ipswich CBD and our Lake Manchester Hangar are the staple pick-up spots; however, we can be quite flexible if you have somewhere else in mind). No matter where you choose to go, we will make sure you see all the best bits along the way while we get you there in style.

At your destination you will be met with sparkling wine and delicious cheese – a little precursor to the gourmet three-course dinner also included in this package – and your own (or hired) car, to give you the freedom to properly explore your new surroundings at your leisure.

But how did the car get there? we hear you ask. Well…either one of Pterodactyl Helicopters’ dedicated ground crew goes for a road trip while you enjoy the view from above OR – and we’re really quite pleased with this solution – you get one of your mates to drive it up for you, with the incentive that we will take him home in the helicopter, free of charge. (Note: We have found this to be a very effective incentive indeed).

Whether you stay one night or two, this mini-break is guaranteed to leave you refreshed, inspired and feeling a little like one of those power couple that jet about in private aircrafts…in short, you’ll be feeling the love.
To book your glamourous getaway, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today. We look forward to flying with you soon!

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Arrive like a rock star – Leave at your leisure

When it’s time for a weekend away from the stresses of city life, couples strive to find that perfect mix of luxury and relaxation in the short time available to them. There are plenty of ways to escape Brisbane on the weekend, but that sought-after calm can be difficult to obtain with traffic the way it is on weekends in Brisbane. Driving through the suburbs on a Saturday can be as bad as peak hour on a weekday! Not to mention in-car navigation with its ‘creative’ detours that can leave you and your special someone a little lost and stressed out for the – think about it – whole first quarter of your precious escape.

But still – you tell yourself – it will be worth it. And of course it will be, once you’re there. But, imagine being able to forego that tedious getting-there portion? Imagine soaring over the clogged roads and not having to even turn on the nav-man? Imagine arriving at your weekend retreat on time, refreshed, brimming with excitement and adrenalin. Imagine making your entire weekend getaway special?

Pterodactyl Helicopters has developed a weekend getaway package for the discerning traveller – for those who want to make the most of every moment. We call it the Fly in/Drive out Country Escape.

How does Fly in / Drive out work?

Simple – and it all starts by putting you in the driver’s seat (so to speak). You pick your location – resort, farm stay, spa, wherever takes your fancy. If you’re stuck for ideas, we have a partnerships with some of the best country retreats in the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, including (but not limited to):

Then, the morning of your weekend retreat dawns. Pterodactyl Helicopters picks you up from Brisbane Airport, your hotel in Brisbane city, Archerfield Airport, Ipswich CBD or our Lake Manchester Hangar (other pickup points can always be arranged).

We fly you over the traffic to your resort of choice, delivering breathtaking views for the whole flight. If you’re in no hurry to arrive, you can opt to include a winery tour or pub lunch tour on your way.

Once landed, you step out of the helicopter with grins on your faces, having kickstarted the weekend in a way that you and your loved one will never forget. You receive all the luxuries that you expect of a weekend escape – sparkling wine and cheese upon arrival, a sumptuous three-course evening meal and full breakfast next day, plus of course, the highest quality overnight accommodation.

Once you settle in to your weekend home-away-from-home, you are free to explore the region and sample what the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley have to offer.

How? By your own car.

Here’s the special part of the Fly in/Drive out Country Escape. Your car is driven to the resort for you, so you can use it as you like while on your weekend retreat, and finally drive home whenever you’re ready, at the end of your adventure.

If you can find a friend to drive your car to the resort for you, they’ll be given a helicopter ride back to base (and love you for it)! Otherwise we can arrange for a Pterodactyl Helicopters team member to transfer your car to location.

Ready to do the weekend right for once?

Give Pterodactyl Helicopters a call on 07 3201 0005 or contact us online and we’ll contact you about a Fly in/Drive out country escape. There are simply so many options for this clever tour type that we’re confident we’ll be able to help you find the right location and get you there in style, to deliver a weekend to sustain you and your special someone for weeks to come.