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Pub Crawl? Been there, done that. Try Flying Pub Tours!

Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can make your way from one end of Fortitude Valley to the other until the novelty wears off. So, rather than making do with your local for another weekend like any other, get your next pub crawl off to a flying start with Pterodactyl Helicopters? We offer all the tried and true delights of the traditional Aussie pub crawl with the added rock star glamour of your private chopper as means of transport – so no need to worry about a designated driver!


Country Pub Crawl by Chopper? Yes, please!

Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Country Pub Crawl takes you and up to five mates to some of the finest watering holes of South East Queensland. Running from 9.30am to 4.30pm, our high flying pub tour leaves enough time to visit five of our select locations at a leisurely pace, drinking in spectacular sceneries from up high alongside delicious, locally-produced beverages.

Our selection of pubs includes:

The Sundowner Saloon, offering a range of tasty craft beers and famous for its German heritage – which is of course excellent news when it comes to beer.

The Dugandan Hotel, or The Dugie as it’s known, where you can kick back and enjoy the charms of a quintessential Queensland pub – and some fine wines courtesy of Sirromet winery, if you fancy.

The Bearded Dragon, one of the secret hot spots on beautiful Mount Tambourine that is sure to please all senses – the view from the top as you arrive is going to simply blow your mind.

The Pumpyard Bar and Brewery, an absolute gem of a place when it comes to artisanal brew. The Pumpyard is a leading force in the noble battle against boring beers and its selection is second to none.

Pterodactyl Helicopters also frequent the Royal Hotel Harrisville, the Mulgowie Hotel, the Peak Pub,the Glamorganvale Hotel, the Porters Plainland Tavern, The V Hotel in Veresdale, The Scenic Rim Brewery and many more.

Spoilt for choice? No, you’re not – because our Country Pub Crawl route is not up to you.

Pterodactyl will take you on a series of blind dates with these beer-flavoured beauties, so all you need to do is lean back, relax and let the day take its course. With so many great locations to visit, you can’t loose.


Pterodactyl Helicopters’ pub tours depart from Lake Manchester, our Ipswich Helipad or the Archerfield Aerodrome – unless you would like us to pick you up directly from home (residence permitting). The tour includes a beverage at each stop as well as lunch at one of them, so there’s nothing more to it than hopping into your chartered chopper, high-five your fellow crawlers and get set for an epic day of fun.

Contact us today to get set for the pub crawl to end all pub crawls! We’re ready when you are.



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Fly Your Mum into an Extraordinary Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day for 2018 is looming – on the 13th May – so it’s time to get your mum’s gift sorted already!

Rather than the same old flowers and hankies, why don’t you get your mum an experience she’ll never forget?

For mothers who live in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, the Scenic Rim, and the Sommerset and Lockyer Valleys, you have so many options to get out, spend the day with mum, show her how much you love her and really spoil her.

Show mum the sights in one of Pterodactyl Helicopter’s many amazing scenic tours of South East Queensland; here’s a selection of out helicopter flight options that we think any mother Brisbane-wide will love!

Helicopter Wine Tours

Because who doesn’t love a wine tour? We can guarantee your mum will. Better still, we’ll fly in and out of each vineyard so you and your mum can arrive, sample the finest wines the region has to offer, and leave via private helicopter like rock stars, hopping on to the next winery on your tour. Read more about the Helicopter Wine Tour inclusions.

Helicopter Lunch Tours

Take mum out for a Mother’s Day lunch she’ll be talking about for years! Fly in by private helicopter tour to one of our spectacular partner resorts, restaurants or vineyards where you’ll be given a sumptuous lunch (or breakfast, or brunch – you choose), fine wines, and a bottle to take home with you per couple (if you choose the winery options). Once you’ve eaten and drank your fill, we’ll fly you out – no sitting in traffic! – so you can just sit back with mum and take in the spectacular views. Read more about Pterodactyl Helicopter’s Lunch Tours.

Flying Food Safari

Is mum a bit of a foodie? Then the Flying Food Safari could be perfect for her! We’ll fly you both by helicopter to a selection of delicious foods produced and prepared locally, all matched expertly with boutique wines and craft beers. Think it sounds perfect for her? Read all about Pterodactyl Helicopter’s Flying Food Safari here.

Helicopter Golf Tours

Your mum like a round or two of golf on a Sunday? Then let’s get her to the golf range in style! Our helicopter golf tour will fly your mum straight to one of South East Queensland’s premiere golf courses where she can work her way around 18 holes (includes green fees and club hire), then fly her back again. Check out the options for our Helicopter Golf Tours for Mother’s Day.

So many options to make Mother’s Day extra special

We’ve talked about which of our tours your mum might love you to surprise her with on Mother’s Day this year, but – everybody’s different! What suits one mum might not suit the next. Take a look around at Pterodactyl Helicopter’s full range of helicopter scenic flights and tours, or give us a call on 07 3201 0005 – we would love to help you come up with a helicopter tour that will help you show your mum just how much you appreciate her.

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Arrive like a rock star – Leave at your leisure

When it’s time for a weekend away from the stresses of city life, couples strive to find that perfect mix of luxury and relaxation in the short time available to them. There are plenty of ways to escape Brisbane on the weekend, but that sought-after calm can be difficult to obtain with traffic the way it is on weekends in Brisbane. Driving through the suburbs on a Saturday can be as bad as peak hour on a weekday! Not to mention in-car navigation with its ‘creative’ detours that can leave you and your special someone a little lost and stressed out for the – think about it – whole first quarter of your precious escape.

But still – you tell yourself – it will be worth it. And of course it will be, once you’re there. But, imagine being able to forego that tedious getting-there portion? Imagine soaring over the clogged roads and not having to even turn on the nav-man? Imagine arriving at your weekend retreat on time, refreshed, brimming with excitement and adrenalin. Imagine making your entire weekend getaway special?

Pterodactyl Helicopters has developed a weekend getaway package for the discerning traveller – for those who want to make the most of every moment. We call it the Fly in/Drive out Country Escape.

How does Fly in / Drive out work?

Simple – and it all starts by putting you in the driver’s seat (so to speak). You pick your location – resort, farm stay, spa, wherever takes your fancy. If you’re stuck for ideas, we have a partnerships with some of the best country retreats in the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, including (but not limited to):

Then, the morning of your weekend retreat dawns. Pterodactyl Helicopters picks you up from Brisbane Airport, your hotel in Brisbane city, Archerfield Airport, Ipswich CBD or our Lake Manchester Hangar (other pickup points can always be arranged).

We fly you over the traffic to your resort of choice, delivering breathtaking views for the whole flight. If you’re in no hurry to arrive, you can opt to include a winery tour or pub lunch tour on your way.

Once landed, you step out of the helicopter with grins on your faces, having kickstarted the weekend in a way that you and your loved one will never forget. You receive all the luxuries that you expect of a weekend escape – sparkling wine and cheese upon arrival, a sumptuous three-course evening meal and full breakfast next day, plus of course, the highest quality overnight accommodation.

Once you settle in to your weekend home-away-from-home, you are free to explore the region and sample what the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley have to offer.

How? By your own car.

Here’s the special part of the Fly in/Drive out Country Escape. Your car is driven to the resort for you, so you can use it as you like while on your weekend retreat, and finally drive home whenever you’re ready, at the end of your adventure.

If you can find a friend to drive your car to the resort for you, they’ll be given a helicopter ride back to base (and love you for it)! Otherwise we can arrange for a Pterodactyl Helicopters team member to transfer your car to location.

Ready to do the weekend right for once?

Give Pterodactyl Helicopters a call on 07 3201 0005 or contact us online and we’ll contact you about a Fly in/Drive out country escape. There are simply so many options for this clever tour type that we’re confident we’ll be able to help you find the right location and get you there in style, to deliver a weekend to sustain you and your special someone for weeks to come.

High life and hospitality

We Aussies have always had our priorities straight. In country towns across this wide brown land, one of the oldest buildings will almost certainly be the pub.

As I said – priorities.

In many places the pub will have been preceded only by the railway (thereby enabling us to get to the pub in the first place) and the bank (providing us with funds to buy the next round).

And who doesn’t love a good country watering hole? Once the sacred preserve of the sun-scorched, working-class man, today’s pub must appeal to a much broader range of punters in order to survive. Generally there’ll be good quality tucker (quite posh nosh in the case of the trendy gastro-pub), possibly boutique or craft beers, family events, live entertainment and let’s not forget good old-fashioned hospitality. What’s not to love? So I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to join a country pub crawl through the incredibly picturesque Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley regions west of Brisbane – let alone a country pub crawl by helicopter. Excuse me? Yep, you read that right.

The day involves paying a flying visit (literally) to five country pubs with Ipswich-based Pterodactyl Helicopters. A pint at each pub and a delicious lunch are included, but it should be noted here that this is not an opportunity to get merry at 5,000 feet. Safety is paramount and there’s a limit of one beer per venue. It’s more about the experience. Pterodactyl Helicopter’s affable owner/operator Captain Mike Jarvis is your pilot, guide and chaperone.

I have to say up front this is a rock star way to travel. Coming in to land at each pub is one thing, but it’s the taking off that provides the biggest thrill. And invariably there’ll be quite a crowd assembled to see you off. It does the old ego a world of good.

We begin our crawl at The Peak Pub at Peak Crossing. It was built in the late 70s and with its besser-brick construction it’s not as easy on the eye as some of the colonial pubs coming up later. But step inside and you’ll discover a unique establishment full of country character. There’s a corrugated iron bar, wooden beams and an eclectic mix of pub memorabilia and bric-a-brac. A sign on the wall catches my eye:

In wine there is wisdom; in beer there is freedom; in water there is bacteria.

~ Benjamin Franklin.

Wise words indeed.

At the bar I chat with an ageing Hell’s Angel with long grey hair and beard and a mean leather jacket. Both he and the jacket look like they’ve really lived. He’s keen to share his views on Queensland’s new anti-bikie laws having staged a number of personal protests – not least of which involved a jousting stick and his Harley during the recent visit of Will and Kate. Apparently the police were not amused.

I bid my new friend farewell and we take to the skies for the spectacular flight to our next stop – the Dugandan Hotel in Boonah. The ‘Dugie’ was built in the 1880’s. It’s the quintessential county pub compete with VJ walls, corrugated iron roof and a wrap-around covered verandah. Inside you’ll find a fascinating collection of memorabilia covering the early pioneering history of the region. You could literally spend hours here. The pub was built by the Stumers. Look for the photo of Ma Stumer in her rocking chair on the verandah looking every inch the hotel matriarch. Fast-forward a century, and the pub has recently been acquired by the Sirromet Wines group. I hope it doesn’t go all generic and lose its unique charm.

One of the locals has wandered in for a nosey, attracted by our cameras. Over a beer at the bar he tells me about his one and only foray into the performing arts – a high school production of Macbeth, playing one of the wise men. Maybe it was a Christmas adaptation. I let it slide – he’s great company.

The Royal Hotel in Harrisville, another turn-of-the-last-century country gem, is our lunch stop and the day’s punters have all turned out on the verandah, charged glasses in hand, to watch the chopper arriving in the back paddock. Here we enjoy an amazing pub lunch with a choice of chicken parma, steak sandwich, rib-eye steak and more. I go the steak sandwich and it’s sensational. Publicans Steve and Monika are absolutely charming to boot. I never want to leave.
Captain Mike rounds me up and everyone heads back outside to see us off. As the chopper lifts off and soars above the pub, circling overhead a couple of times, I’m just amazed by this experience. It’s quite extraordinary.

At the Mulgowie Pub (the ‘Mulga’) in Mulgowie I get to have a beer with knockabout publican Simon. It’s a slow day so he’s got plenty of time for a chat. He’s an amateur boxer and shows me a YouTube video of a recent bout between himself and a neighbouring publican to raise funds for a local charity. Judging by his performance I doubt he has any trouble with rowdy patrons at closing time. The Mulga is a real find – it oozes rustic charm. But as Simon tells me, the place needs modernising – the trick is finding the capital to do it. I hope he manages. It would be a real shame to see an amazing piece of history like this fall into disrepair. Another great country water-hole and another great sign on the wall:

I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day (tomorrow doesn’t look good either).

Our last stop of the day is the Sundowner Saloon in Marburg – a mock Wild West affair, complete with a garden of giant cacti and a rather incongruous giant Bundy Rum bottle parked next door. I wonder if any over-indulgent punter has ever done a double-take at the bottle and ended up in the cactus patch. Nasty.

What the Sundowner lacks in authentic colonial charm it more than makes up for in hospitality. Publican Mark makes us feel right at home, and all too soon it’s time to re-board the chopper for the short flight back to base in Ipswich. As we take to the skies for the final time and I prepare to return to the land of mere earthbound mortals, I know this is one Aussie touring experience – and a set of uniquely Aussie characters – that I won’t soon forget.

Adam Ford hosted this tour on Tour the World. 

Your Last Minute Valentines Gift for 2018

Yes, that’s right; Valentines Day for 2018 is upon us.

Whether you’re a Valentines Day grinch or a romantic at heart, there’s no better time of year to show your significant other how much you love them than February 14th.

You could go the predictable route of flowers, chocolate, wine and your seven-hundredth viewing of Love Actually. Yawn.

Or, you could get your 2018 valentine something they will really enjoy, and talk about for years to come. We’ve got your back; at Pterodactyl Helicopters, we make it really easy to wow your loved one.

Ready to earn those Brownie points?

Pterodactyl Helicopters can arrange romantic helicopter flights to suit all personalities and budgets, and will take care of every last detail from take off to landing to ensure that you and your special someone can just cosy up and watch the world unfold beneath your feet.


Your 2018 Valentines Day Gift Guide; Pterodactyl Helicopters style.

There are so many romantic Valentine’s Day flights and getaways to choose from – take your pick!

  • February brings with it some spectacular evening skies! Surprise your better half with a gorgeous sunset helicopter tour.
    Includes limousine transfers to the helipad and back to the Metro Hotel, plus dinner, bed and breakfast.
  • Propose to the love of your life during your helicopter flight to your secluded island getaway.
    Includes return scenic helicopter flight to beautiful Moreton Island, gourmet picnic lunch (or breakfast) and wine, and souvenir deluxe picnic hamper (plus the added bonus of simply flying off if they say no).
  • Fly to a holiday retreat of your choice, stay the weekend and drive out whenever you’re ready on a Fly in / Drive out Country Escape.
    Includes helicopter flight to your choice of venue, sparkling wine and cheese on arrival, overnight accommodation, three course dinner, full breakfast, and transfer of your vehicle to the venue.
  • Spice up your love life with an indulgent Country Wine Tour by Helicopter.
    Includes transfer by limousine, helicopter flights to three of Queensland’s finest wineries, and lunch at an 18th Century mansion.
  • Or, if you are reading this at 11:59pm on February 13th, take the Oops I Forgot About Valentines Day option, and buy a romantic helicopter tour voucher in our online shop.

Whatever you choose to do for Valentines Day this year, we hope that it’s special – and we would love to be part of making it so. We have listed a number of our package helicopter tours above but there are no limits to what we can arrange to take the stress of finding the perfect Valentines Day gift off your shoulders.
Give us a call on 07 3201 0005, or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to help.