Our Helicopters

Our Helicopters

Pterodactyl Helicopters operate a range of well maintained helicopters.


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    Robinson 44 Helicopter

    The Robinson R44 are flown throughout the world for many applications, from tourism to a diverse selection of airwork activities inclusive of aerial photography and survey work. Perfect for wherever dependability, low operating costs, and performance is required.

    R44 Helicopter Details

    • Capacity: Pilot + 3 passengers
    • R44 powered by a Lycoming O-540, six cylinder, carbureted engine
    • Maximum gross weight: 2400 lb (1089 kg)
    • Passenger load weight: 230kg
    • Maximum seat weight: 136kg
    • Fuel: 100 low lead (100LL) fuel or 100/130.
    • Main tank capacity: 120 liters
    • Auxiliary tank capacity: 70 liters


    • Maximum speed: 130 knots (240km/h)
    • Cruise speed: 110 knots (200km/h)
    • Range: 300 nautical miles (550km)
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    Bell 206 Jetranger

    The Bell 206 Jetranger is the world’s most popular light turbine powered helicopter, with an enviable safety and reliability record, this helicopter has proven to be a winner for the operator and client.

    The B206 can cruise at up to speeds of 110nm/hr (175km/hr) This fast and efficient helicopter allows four passengers and a pilot to travel in comfort with ample boot space.

    B206 Helicopter Details

    • Capacity: Pilot + 4 passengers
    • Powered by a Rolls Royce Allison C250-20 turbine engine.
    • Gross weight 1451.5 kg
    • Maximum operating altitude 20,000 feet


    • Cruise speed 105 knots (200 kph)
    • Maximum speed 130 knots (245 kph)
    • Range: 370 nautical miles (595km)
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    EC 120

    The EC120 B is sleek and quiet and is ideal for most helicopter tasks, as well as being an impressive corporate aircraft, unobstructed cabin with air conditioning, leather seats and noise-cancelling headsets its perfect for those special occasions.

    A spacious cargo compartment allows for luggage and golf bags to be carried with ease.

    EC120 Helicopter Details

    • Capacity: Pilot + 4 passengers
    • Powered by a Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft
    • Air-conditioned
    • Empty Weight: 1089kg,
    • Max takeoff Weight: 1715 kg


    • Cruise speed: 110 knots
    • Maximum range 383nm (710km)
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    EC 130 B4

    The EC130 B4 is renowned as one of the world’s quietest helicopters. The EC130 B4 is a new generation light single engine helicopter that benefits from the latest technological advances of Eurocopter such as the Fenestron Tail Rotor System, VEMD, FADEC, and the variable-speed rotor.

    It features forward facing seats, a large power reserve, dual hydraulic system, and automatic back-up system – all of which provide the aircraft with high safety and low noise levels.

    This flexible helicopter is well suited to the needs of private users, as well as tourism and charter missions, thanks to its great visibility, quietness, performance and safety.

    EC130 Helicopter Details

    • Capacity: Pilot + 6 passengers
    • Powered by a Turbomeca ARRIEL 2B1
    • Air-conditioned


    • Cruise speed: 127 knots
    • Maximum range 345nm
    • Range: 370 nautical miles (595km)