Up and running after the floods

Up and running after the floods

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The recent floods have certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons for us all. All of us here have either been effected directly, by being flooded or we know someone who has. During the actual flood we did quite a bit of work moving people and goods around and certainly a lot of media flights. We did however refuse to do general scenic flights especially over areas where people (and entire suburbs) lives were in the front yard. I have to admit that those flights after the water went down were very distressing for me, our pilots and crew.  

Most areas are now getting back to some sort of normalcy and with that we are getting back to our regular work.  I know there are a heap of gift certificates out there just waiting for a flight date. Give us a call and we can sort this out for you. Flights along the river are an eye opener as you can see what the power of water can do when it is angry, and it was very angry. Nature does not take prisoners.

Capt. Mike

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