Santa borrows a Pterodactyl Helicopter for a special delivery

Santa borrows a Pterodactyl Helicopter for a special delivery

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Because of  Santa’s very busy schedule this time of year and the need to keep his reindeer rested for the big day, he had to borrow a Pterodactyl Helicopter to make a special delivery to Warrego Wines for the Christmas parties happening there on Sunday.

It is a little known fact that even though Santa is very experienced in flying reindeer he is also a very accomplished Helicopter Pilot. So with his log book and license in hand he asked Captain Mike if he could use one of his choppers for a couple of hours. “Why not” was the reply, but as coincidence would have it we had a job to deliver Dulcie Toohey, who turns 80 this year, to a party also at Warrego Wines. So we asked Santa could he pick her up on the way. 

So with the weather looming Santa made his way in the Bell 47 to Daniels Park at the end of Chermside Road landed and picked up Dulcie. What a hoot, being flown to her birthday party not only in a helicopter but by Santa himself. For those lucky enough to live on Chermside road, it’s not every day you would get to see Santa landing in a chopper, hopping out, loading up a passenger then heading off again. 

After a quick circuit of the Ipswich CBD (I am sure so he could get familiar with the surroundings before his big visit) Santa made his way along the Warrego Highway to Warrego wines where he was greeted by tons of very excited children. With a storm closing in Santa handed out gifts and then quickly made his way back to the hanger so he could get back to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas.

So kids, be very good because you never know when Santa will be flying overhead.

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  1. Mike B. says:

    It’s lucky he knows how to fly a Helicopter..

    He will be putting us out of work at this rate..

    From Mike B. The other Mike from Pterodactyl Helicopters

  2. Mike B. says:

    Happy Birthday Dulcie, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday & enjoyed your Helicopter Ride….Lucky you to be flown by Santa’s nice that he gave us the day off as well..I didn’t know he knew how to fly Choppers,I learn something knew everyday..again Happy Birthday, enjoy the rest of your day & A very Merry Christmas to you & Family also.

    Mike Burton ( The other Mike from Pterodactyl Helicopters) 1 of 3 Mikes.

  3. Joel says:

    She loved it! Her entire street came out to watch the takeoff. And having Santa as her pilot certainly was an added bonus! 🙂

  4. Richard Stewart says:

    Well done capt Mike and your team ,once more you gave me a thrill with the 47 .keep the dreams alive it is a real gift that you are giving the public ,fear stops most but those that step up towards that fear live in a much better place in there hearts. flying truly is the ultimate high..

    see you soon gang….

    capt mike ,,,mate ( i understand your addiction ) lol
    a fellow adict to flying ,now i just have to convert ..ha

    thankyou mike ….

    cheers richard stewart.( laidley )

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